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This artwork, right off the bat, is amazing! the shading are all put in the right places and the shapes are perfect and precise. The ey...

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Jaehee x M.C.
I know, I know, this really sucks but I thought the style was cute...I really love Jaehee and I'm super sad I never got to officially date her but seriously she is so amazing and unappreciated!
"is speaking
~is thinking
italic is flashback/dream/time skip 
italic is emphasis
Breen POV:

The next morning came. The first thing I heard was the bird's sweet early morning chirping, I smelled bacon pancakes delicious scent wafting to me, the first thing I saw was Finn's face, and I started to remember—
          Wait, Finn's face?!
     "Eep!" I let out a little shriek, biting down on my lip, hard.
     "Gosh Spock, Breen, calm down, it's just me," Finn said, moving up. He ran a hand over his hat.
     "Why were you in my face?!! Were you watching me sleep?! Creeper!" I exclaimed, shutting my eyes and pointing at him.
     "Breen-sters, B-man, Braws 3-D—"
     "That last one didn't make sense," I pointed out.
     "Sure it did," he dismissed, "Look, I was TRYING to get a spider off your face, hence the fly swatter," Finn finished, waving his fly swatter around.
     I thought for a second. "There isn't a spider on my face—"
     "Three, two, one..."
     I felt a movement across my face. When I looked up I saw a brown blur, which I'm supposing is a spider. "Oh," I said, peeling it off my face. I led it to the window, I opened it, and set it free on the side of the house.
     Finn sat down on his bed. He looked puzzled.
     "Hey Finn, anything wrong? I can help you with it," I said, looking over at him.
     He scratched his head. "I've never seen a girl handle a spider like that," he told me, still with his debating look on his face.
     I giggled. "Huh? You mean your surprised that I handled it so gently?" I asked.
     He laughed. "Well, y'know most girls would run around shrieking like an idiot until that dang spider was off her face," he told me, amused, grabbing his chin.
     "Meh. It's like handling a puppy," I said, shrugging.
     Finn stood up onto the wooden floor. "Jakes makin' us some bacon pancakes and sausages," Finn said to me, climbing down the latter thingie that connected the top floor with the lower one.
      "Wonderful! I would like to try them," I said, walking towards him.
     "You're gonna love 'em! He hasn't made them in a long time, I'm glad he got around to it," Finn told me enthusiastically. He laughed, waving at me as a signal to move.
      I ran my fingers through my hair. "Hey...Finn?" I asked softly.
      "Huh? What is it?" Finn asked.
      "I really can't thank you and Jake enough for everything. Giving me a place to stay, feeding me, letting me sleep in your bed. Oh, and thanks for letting me keep the face and hair mask. That string you lend me really kept it in place. You guys are like my knights in shining armor. Heroes. I owe all I have to you guys. I'm happy to be here with you guys, you're so nice to me. The only person I knew as good hearted as you guys was my friend I had," I told Finn softly with a small smile on my face. My eyes were looking down.
      "Ayy, ayy it's no problem cupcake," Finn said, smiling.
      "Cup...cake?" I asked in confusion, because I'm pretty sure my name is Breen.
     "It's cause you're as sweet as a cupcake, Jake told me it was a good nickname for you while we were talking last night. You were asleep," Finn explained.
     I adjusted my mask a little. "Thank you," I said.
     "Oh and Breen, how old are you?" Finn asked.
     "Well, I'm not exactly sure, but checking your weird magic calendar, I should be fourteen today," I told him.
     Finn growled a bit. "Breen! You've gotta let us flubbing know when it's your birthday! We don't even have a sheet cake!" Finn scolded, about ready to jump off the ladder and go get a cake or something.
     "Oh no, no, I can't let you possibly worry about my birthday! It's never been something too special..." I told him.
      "Breen bag, Breens 'n' Breenies, B—"
      "Don't start the weird nicknames," I sighed.
     "Whatever floats your boat, but your birthday is going to be special! If you even for one millisecond of a second think Jake and I are going to let your birthday go by unnoticed you are very sadly mistaken, cupcake!" He said with determination.
     What is up with the nicknames? "Look Finn your a nice guy with a big heart but I passing on to another year doesn't matter in the least. And helping me would only make me feel worse about not doing more for you guys," I insisted.
     I rubbed my arm. "Nothing too special..." I said again, very softly.
     A bit of silence, then Finn sighed. "I feel like something is wrong with this picture," he said, slightly mumbling.
     "Why?" I asked him, plain and simple.
     "Something is wrong. It's your face," he said, pointing to me.
     "Oh. But I'm wearing a mask, a bit clearer Finn," I told him.
     "Your mask doesn't cover all of your face. Your eyes and mouth are still exposed. When I look at your eyes, they seem...sad. When I see your mouth smiling, I can't help but look deeper and see a frown. You're kind of quiet, almost like you don't want to speak, like you've been told not to. Something... something in your heart is broken, huh, Cupcake? What exactly have you been through, give it to me straight," he said forwardly.
     I stayed quiet for a little while. "Liney..." I mumbled.
     "Huh?" He asked in confusion.
     "Liney...she was my friend. If you care, I'll explain. But first..." I said, remembering something. 

     "Let me explain...." I began
Le Flashback---------------------------

    "You useless thing! Can't you do anything right?!" My dad yelled at me.
     Words didn't come out of my mouth. 
     "Useless! You can't do anything right! Magic should come easy to one of the Devlin family members! Oh what am I saying? You can't speak. You never will, unless I send you to school. I think I will actually, teach you, you worthless thing..."
     I was sitting in a corner at recess, crying. No body cared. No body will care. I don't want them to care. Daddy knows no one will. He said I should shut up. I knew many words since kindergarten though. First grade sucks, because now I have to speak more, apparently. I won't speak more. I can't speak more. Daddy said not to. Mommy said I was a stupid child. Useless, useless. I don't think I'm stupid. I think she's the dumb one. But Daddy said Mommy was always right. But Mommy called Daddy an idiot. Daddy called her an idiot. What does idiot mean, I wonder. Mommy said I was a complete waste of space. She said Daddy was too. Now Mommy isn't here anymore.
     Big brother said Mommy was stupid anyway. Daddy agreed with big brother. I thought Mommy was stupid. I thought all of them were stupid. But big brother says if I say something it won't go well. Daddy says if I say something I won't like it, but of I do say something he won't like it. So I won't. Daddy knows best. Daddy knows best. 
     Sister doesn't know Mommy isn't here, sister lives with her disgusting boy friend. He's stupid too, but Sister said if I talk about it she's gonna punch my face in. She said that boyfriend is the sweetest guy she knows. She says I was stupid and useless and couldn't see love if it punched me. I wonder if love is lies. She says he loves her. But if she knew he didn't like her then she wouldn't be saying that.
     My shadow looks like a dark me. Daddy said he feels bad for that shadow. Nothing should ever look like me. I'm too skinny and weak. And useless. Maybe  if—
     Something poked me, dragging me out of my thoughts.
     "Hey! I see you over here. Why don't you come out and play with me in the Sun?" A girl said to me.
     I wanted to say no way, but I felt like something was saying to be nice. So I got up and said:
     "Now listen, I really don't like you. No one does anyway, and since you can't do magic or talk, you have to clean. Everything. You've seen that Mom do it before. Copy her, Breen and do something for once," my Daddy spat.

     "Hey Liney?" I asked Marceline, my best friend since that day in first grade.
     "Hmm?" Liney responded.
     I sat down on a park bench. "Thanks for always being there for me. Fourth grade, being ten years old, growing, it's nice to have you there. You mean a lot to me," I told her genuinely.
     "Hey, anything for my best friend!" She giggled.
     My eyes widened at the thought of a friend.
     "Liney!! Move out of the—!!!"
     As I saw all of the mushroom war bombs fall down, so much things were headed for us. I tried move Liney out of the way, but it was too late. I stood in silence, then started running away. As I was running, I felt the impact of the bomb nearby...then everything went dark.

le flashback over----------
"So yeah, that's how my childhood was..." I said, looking up.
     I looked up and saw...Finn wasn't there?
     I heard a call coming from downstairs. "Hey Breen! Come and down and have some bacon pancakes!" Finn's voice called.
     So I guess he didn't hear me. He must've went down stairs while I was remembering my stuff. 
              Smart boy.
     "Yeah Finn, I'm coming down!" I called back.
     I ran(?) down the ladder as fast as I could. I could smell something delicious, probably the bacon pancakes. Yum.
     I arrived at the kitchen. 
     "Hey Breen, that song was a joke, right? Like just to blonk up my brain-a-ding?" Finn asked, referring to that 'story' I told him.
     I giggled nervously. "Riiiight, a total joke," I lied. I scratched my mask and played with the ends of my hair.
     "Good. Because dear glob Breen that was dark! Like what the heck?! Totally, ten out of ten twisted that song was. Bleesh," he told me.
     I looked away, slightly nervously.
     "And Breen, two things," Finn said to me.
     "Hmn?" I answered.
     "One, I think we should wake up Jake since he fell asleep from,er, cooking so hard I guess," he explained.
     "Yeah," I agreed.
     "Two, show your face sometime soon. That dang flower mask is covering most of it. It'll be nice to see what you look like, it's kind of been bothering me," Finn told me.
     I looked down shyly. "M-maybe...someti-time soon," I said very softly.
     "Heh, cute," Finn chuckled, grabbing his chin.
     "Ex-excuse me?" I asked in embarrassment.
     "It's kind of cute whenever someone compliments you, you get so shy. If I could say so myself, I can bet your blushing," Finn teased.
     "H-hey!" I protested as he walked down and patted my head.
     "Heh, like a..a bunny. Gentle and shy. Pretty soft. And cute," Finn told me, smiling.
     I almost yelped at that. Compliments were unexpected, unnatural, weird, unless I'm the one giving them.
     "I assume you mean cute like an actual bunny, not cute like you're interested in me," I said cautiously.
     "Hey! What the glob, of course I meant like a bunny!" He insisted.
     I put my hand to my head and turned away dramatically. I fake sniffled. "That really hit me hard Finn,"—sigh—"how could you!" I exaggerated.
     "Oh come on," Finn said dragging me along to go get Jake.
     And then I said:
------ LE Timeskip--------------—---------------------------------------------------------(they had finished bacon pancakes)
"That was good pancakes," Finn told Jake.
     "Yeah," I agreed.
     Jake was about to say something when I heard a knock at the door.
     Finn and Jake laughed. "That must be Marceline!" They told me.
     I felt my heart stop. M-Marceline, that vampire who took me in? They know her?! Oh no...
     As soon as I knew it, Jake,Finn and I were walking downstairs. 
     "She's an awesome vampire! She can be scary though," Jake shuddered as he spoke the last part of his sentence.
     "But she is so cool and has awesome powers. She's also pretty chill," Finn explained.
     We reached down stairs. Finn ran to her, and gave her a bone crushing hug. She didn't even notice me.
     It's obviously that vampire Marceline. She doesn't look any different than from the last time I had seen her.
     Finn finally released her from his crushing grasp. She looked around the room.
     She saw me instantly.
     She ran up to me and hugged me tightly. For a while.
     Finn spoke after a long time, "So you guys er, kno—"
     "Shush it Finn, we're having a flipping moment," Marceline said.
     Marceline then looked at me. 
     "You're the absolute most worst person in the world! I was sooo worried! Don't ever, ever, ever do that ever to me! I ran through the forest looking for you, I asked my friends, and here you are! Josh globbing frog snot! Breen, you could've been killed, you could've been kidnapped, you could've hurt yourself, and I swear if I had found your dead body in the forest I couldn't...gosh idk," she told me in my face.
     "Oh, I d-didn't mean t-to worry you in the l-least," I spoke softly with guilt. 
     "Well you did! And what's with the mask?! Y'know you should've stayed with me—!" 
     She cut herself off. Marceline sighed and hugged me gently. "I'm glad you're safe," she mumbled into my hair.
     Time passed.
     "Okay, so you guys are a thing or...?" Finn asked.
     "Oh no. Let me explain..." I began.



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